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SURE Full3 Aeros Intake System with SI MAF / 3" Turbo for MAZDASPEED 3/6 2006-2013
SURE Full3 Aeros Intake System with SI MAF / 3" Turbo for MAZDASPEED 3/6 2006-2013
Our Price: $345.00

Product Code: SURE0135

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SURE Full3 Aeros SI System
Aeros [air-ose, air-ohs]. The Full3 Aeros System takes the best-selling Aeros and BigMouth then combines them into one 3" system. You heard right, it's a 3" all the way from the MAF housing to the turbo and gives your turbo the most air possible to compress into your engine. More air equals more power.

MAF Sensor Housing
MAF stands for mass air flow, which is a very important sensor that meters air entering your Mazda. The mass air flow sensor housing is a very important part of the intake system. Proper design is crucial for accurate air metering and avoiding the occurrence of a CEL (check engine light). Our AEROS™ MAF housing is machined from 6061 aluminum.

Reusable Filter

The core filtration of our intake system is a 19 millimeter dry filter capable of trapping particles as small as 40 microns. The durable cotton fabric can be cleaned and reused, making the days of frequently replacing filters, history.

SURE Stealth Clamps™

Every Full3 Aeros™ includes five stainless steel SURE Stealth Clamps™ that feature an inner lining that protects the silicone from being damaged by the worm gear during tightening.


The entire MAF housing assembly is put through the anodizing process. This not only makes for an beautiful finish, but more importantly adds corrosion resistance. Anodizing ensures a strong, smooth finish that stands up against corrosion no matter what the driving conditions.


The SURE Full3 Aeros™ is constructed with high performance silicone that is reinforced with 3 layers of nylon and a core wrapped in steel wire. The silicone protects the intake air from engine bay heat.

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