The Mazdaspeed 3 rear engine mount is a crucial component to keeping engine movement to a minimum. During spirited driving, the OE engine mount allows the engine to have free reign in the engine bay. It allows for what is commonly known as wheel hop, a nuisance to the drivetrain.

Our Torq R3™ greatly decreases engine movement, recouping torque and putting a halt to wheel hop.


The Torq R3 is available with Class 1 (Street), Class 2 (Aggressive), & Class 3 (Track) urethane. Select the class that best fits your performance needs.


The Torq R3™ is machined out of T6061 aluminum, hardened bolt inserts, and a stainless steel sleeve.


The R3™ is finished with an anodizing process that ensures a smooth, beautiful finish that stands up against corrosion.


The Torq R3™ is available in Stealth Black or a SURE Blue finish.

Color Options


Stealth Black


2010 & Up Mazdaspeed 3
2007 – 2009 Mazdaspeed 3
2004 – 2011 all Mazda3 models
2006 – 2011 all Mazda5 models
Volvo C30

30 minutes
For the most performance, finish the 3 piece engine mount kit with the Torq S3 Duo™.

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Price: $135.00