The Mazdaspeed 3 rear engine mount is a crucial component to keeping engine movement to a minimum. During spirited driving, the OE engine mount allows the engine to have free reign in the engine bay. It allows for what is commonly known as wheel hop, a nuisance to the drivetrain.

Our Torq R3™ greatly decreases engine movement, recouping torque and putting a halt to wheel hop.

Street Urethane

Our street grade polyurethane is a designed to be as rigid as possible while transferring the least amount of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) to the vehicle cabin. Highly recommended for daily driven vehicles. (Black in color)

Track Urethane

Our track grade polyurethane is especially used for a road course, straight line, autocross, and hardcore enthusiasts. (Blue in color)


The Torq R3™ is machined out of T6061 aluminum, hardened bolt inserts, and a stainless steel sleeve.


The R3™ is finished with an anodizing process that ensures a smooth, beautiful finish that stands up against corrosion.


The Torq R3™ is available in Stealth Black or a SURE Blue finish.

Color Options


Stealth Black


2010 & Up Mazdaspeed 3
2007 – 2009 Mazdaspeed 3
2004 – 2011 all Mazda3 models
2006 – 2011 all Mazda5 models
Volvo C30

30 minutes
For the most performance, finish the 3 piece engine mount kit with the Torq S3 Duo™.

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