From the factory, your manual Mazda transmission shifter assembly is mounted to the body using soft rubber grommets. These OEM rubber grommets make manual shifting soft and careless. During spirited driving, these flexible rubber grommets hinder defined shifting. The proper approach to a rock solid shifter assembly starts with SURE Anchors™. Our machined aluminum SURE Anchors™ greatly reduce the chance of missing a gear shift and provide a much more accurate, tactile shifting response.


Make the most of your zoom-zoom with our over-engineered SURE Anchors™.


One may ask, how are these any different than other products already on the market!? Well the difference is in the design. To ensure the tightest and most rigid fitment of the shifter cage to the body of your vehicle, Anchors™ use a +/- .002″ press-fit, tapered design. This design is the only one like it on the market. Once installed, the shifter assembly becomes one with the vehicle.


Each set of Anchors™ is specifically designed for proper fitment to your model vehicle.


After installation, the center console will hide the Anchors™ from being visible. However, this didn’t stop us from finishing all SURE Anchor™ components in a SURE Blue anodize!


The OEM bushing is made of soft rubber. Below is a side by side comparison of SURE Anchor™ and an OEM Mazdaspeed 3 rubber grommet.

30 minutes
Application Notes

Only for Manual Transmissions

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